Metacon Gun Club Refund Policy

Requests for a refund of any payment made to Metacon Gun Club, Inc. must be made within 30 days of said payment, and must be accompanied by a written statement of explanation for the refund. No refund shall be made:

  1. Unless the request for refund is accompanied by a written letter of resignation of the requester’s membership in Metacon Gun Club, Inc., and
  2. Until the request is approved by the Board of Governors of Metacon Gun Club, Inc.

Member Update

There are no updates at this time.

Upcoming Calendar

Summer Bullseye

OR closed from 5:00pm-7:45pm. 1st course starts at 5:30 sharp. Plan on arriving at least 10 minutes early. For later arrivals, 2nd course follows the 1st usually around 6:20 or so. The match fee is $10 for the entire season to cover the cost of supplies.

Women on Target - set-up

Preparation and set-up for WOT. ORC 4PM-Sunset

Women on Target - All Day

Annual WOT event, 8AM-6PM. All ranges and clubhouse closed.

CRO Class,9AM-1PM (CC,IRC)

9AM. 3-hour safety-instruction class for range use and management.

CRO Class,7-10PM, CC

7PM. 3-hour safety-instruction class for range use and management.