Metacon Gun Club Refund Policy

Requests for a refund of any payment made to Metacon Gun Club, Inc. must be made within 30 days of said payment, and must be accompanied by a written statement of explanation for the refund. No refund shall be made:

  1. Unless the request for refund is accompanied by a written letter of resignation of the requester’s membership in Metacon Gun Club, Inc., and
  2. Until the request is approved by the Board of Governors of Metacon Gun Club, Inc.

Member Update

There are no updates at this time.

Upcoming Calendar

Bullseye Home Match CC/IRC

IRC/CC 7:30PM-10:30PM

Permit Class - CC, IRO

Mike Maffia - instructor Classroom reserved until 5pm

Permit Class - Mike Maffia CC

Classroom CLOSED, indoor range OPEN

CRO - CC - 9:30AM


CRO - CC - 9:30AM